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“Our VR configurator just became the new event marketing prospect magnet!”

Patric, furniture designer

Latest VR projects

Automotive configurator

Automotive configurator

An examplary automotive configurator. Allows you to freely walk around the vehicle as well as take a look at the detailed and beautifully lit interior. Interactivity includes being able to change the body paint, brakes and rims, as well as opening and closing doors, roof and engine compartment.

VR appartment

VR apartment

It's so cool when you turn your static visualisation into dynamic, fully 3-dimensional environment with interactivity elements.

VR garden experience

VR house exterior

VR is mostly used to show interiors, rather than exteriors. We loved the design of this semi-detached house when working on its visualizations so we figured - why not? We created our first exterior-only VR experience. 

Estimate your project

Share your vision

Tell us about product idea and your vision. LEt us understand your business goals so we can come up with perfect solution.

Specify needs

Knowing our goals, we can narrow the list of technologies to be used. We'll choose between VR / AR/ mobile / online app or mix several of them.

Idea & estimate

At this point we start the actual idea consulting. You and us will spend some awesome and inspiring time together discussing your venture in smallest details. After we're done - we proceed witht he implementation

Great skills and business approach – higly motivated team focued on client’s goal. Together with Dyfuzja we built first robo-advisory platform in Poland in just 7 months including several innovative processes in financial industry. Marcin and his team commited themselves to work under high time pressure and fullfiled the obligation.

Arkadiusz Zaremba CCO, IQ Money View on linkedIn

I have been working with Dyfuzja Studio for several years till now not only because of the friendly and extremely creative atmosphere but also because of their professionalism, punctuality and flexibility. This skills are essential in an environment where change is constant.

Paulina Sygnatowicz-Wiesner Content Manager, Aviva View on linkedIn

It's an important thing to have a strong and reliable partner to work with creating campaigns as a fintech, where change is constant. Dyfuzja can be easily pointed as such partner. Thumbs up!

Marek Sikorski Marketing Manager, Tax Care View on linkedIn

Dyfuzja has supported our marketing department with lots online successful creations for our marketing campaigns. They are creative, friendly and stick to time frames and budget. Their front-end dev skills are awesome.

Katarzyna Harasim Design Studio Manager, Idea Bank View on linkedIn

Questions you might want to ask before proceeding

How long does it take?

As much as we would love to - we can't give you an exact answer as it is anything between 1 week and 1 year. However it is not time that is key to your sucess. The right question to ask is: "Will it pay for your business to do it?". And this question is answered in the very first step of our coperation which is completely free. Before even attempting to build a tech specifications, we will discuss your vision in details and look for ways of monetising it. 

What about hardware for my app? Do you support it as well?

We pay great attention to advising our clients on everything that is connected to our work. On each stage of our cooperation we offer advise regarding project's future - including the hardware we would recommend to use during the final implementation. However - we are a software, not hardware provider - so you can't buy it directly from us. But we can save your time by selecting the optimal recommended configuration, inluding sending you a direct link to online store of your choice.

I heard about VR dizziness. I don’t want my clients to get sick!

If you want to sell, you need to make sure that your clients feel well and have fun - not vertigo. 

For a person that has never dealt with VR before, maximum length of a comfortable continuous VR experience is 4-5 minutes. On the other hand - individuals used to VR gear can play with it for hour and more without feeling any side effects. So the key to your suceess is identyfying your target audience properly and designing the experience accordingly. Don't worry - it's our work. 

Looks awesome. But how do I monetise it?

1. Savings on professional training and education programs.

2. Boosting your sales by creating emotional link between client and your product. 

3. Sell real estate by having endless demo suites instead of one

4. Show concept cars in dealerships across country

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Ways VR makes your life easier


It appears that VR is a great solution when it comes to pain treatment. Taking patients to a different world helps them briefly forget about their ordeal. And how about phobia treatment? Exposure to one's anxieties in perfectly safe VR environment is a promising way of dealing with fears

Sales process

Show your product in 1:1 scale, as an immersive experience. Allow your clients to configure it according to their needs. Create a psychological connection between your client and the product.


Immersion has always been one of the major goals for the game industry. Strive for photorealism is now accompanied by the possibility to fully experience the alternative world. 

Education and training

An ordinary high school history lesson can turn into an adventure of a lifetime. Just take your students to ancient Rome instead of describing it. Show them the Vesuvio eruption as it was seen by Pompei citizens. Be a teacher and a guide at the same time.


VR is a perfect co-working space. Imagine a team of designers scattered across continents, being able to gather in a virtual room to work simultaneously on a design project.

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Say you want to develop your project, but you still have not found a development team that you could trust. There's a lot of software, VR and AR agencies out there. Each has different skills, experience, work culture, and of course–a different location. The fact that they are somewhere on the other side of the Ural, next to the Chinese Sea or somewhere near the Crimea raises your fears. You think: "This guy works in an office in Ho Chi Minh. Will he be able to understand what my goal is and what are the nuances of running my venture?"

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