Marcin Stempniewicz, 1 FEB 2019

Make your eCommerce flourish. Sell up to 80% more with Augmented Reality!

If you are runing an eCommerce bussiness, I’m sure you spend a lot of your time wondering how to boost your recognisability, reach out to more clients, get more leads, improve your recongisability and most of all: generate higher income. You already know that unless you sell highly specialised, niche and innovative products, your competition all over the world wide web is countless. You need to stand out. If you want to sell more, you need to make more people remember your offer and your products.

Just remember:

It’s not about what you sell.
It’s about how clients remember you.

Make each visit count

Imagine your client browsing 10 different stores:
- 9 of your competitors would show only static photos.
- you would show your products in Augmented Reality, allowing your client to actually see them at their place of destination.

Just think:

Which one of those stores would your client remember after few days? Yours. Of course.

Deal with your deal-killers

Augmented Reality gives you much more than just recognisability. I helps you solve several of your clients’ major issues that prevent them from buying. Let’s say you run a furniture retail. What doubts can stop your clients from making a buying decision?

‘Isn't this too big for my appartment?’

‘Does this piece really match my style?’


‘Will this color go along with my current interior?’

‘Will it fit through my front door?’

Sell more:

Address your clients' doubts with Augmented Reality. Help them make the buying decision.

Solve them with AR

The great thing about this is that you can achieve great results without spending large amounts of money on technology: it's already in your clients' hands. You use the internal Augmented Reality functionalities that come with Android and iOS on all modern smartphones. You only need to pay (or do it yourself) for the preparation of 3d models of your products.

So don’t wait. Use the technology under your clients’ fingertips. Become recognised. Give your clients what they really need to make their buying decision. Save on returns. Boost sales. Build your brand image. Improve customer satisfaction. Turn retail experience into an exciting adventure!

Augmented reality brings online shopping experience to a new level, blending reality with virtual content

You've got iPhone with iOS 12 or higher?

Augmented reality is making its way from mobile apps directly into our browsers. You don't need anybody to install your app in order to show your content in AR, you just place it on your website. iPhones are already supporting browser-based AR widely. Android phones will have the same feature soon. So if if you use iOS 12+ system, click on the furniture below and see ow it would fit in your place!

My name is Marcin and I’m Dyfuzja’s CEO. Together with my AR/VR team we turn innovation into our client’s profits. Call me now and let me figure out for you how to increase your sales, starting today!

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