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Use your phone. Don't chat or write - just communicate.

“I streamlined workflow with my clients and minimised time needed for corrections!”

Ben, architect

Take a look!

Office interior in augmented reality

An office model presented using augmented reality. Are you an architect or designer? Forget about sending jpegs to your clients. Give them your model in AR. Cheap and simple.

Bucharest-based office building

Preparation of 3d model optimised for use with Microsoft Hololens

Residential model in augmented reality

Neat and simple mobile application that's purpose is to show the detailed 3d model of Puro Hotel in Poznań. Created with Unity and Vuforia - works on any modern smartphone or tablet.

How its' being done?

Don't do images to show your work. Send us your 3d files and get a brilliant augmented reality app. Your contractor will have the design right under fingertips. Simple!

Share your file

Preferably sketchup or FBX. Your work can be either textured or plain white. We'll do the rest.

Get the app

Download the app and share it with your client. Use it to consult your ideas swiftly and get things done!

Your benefits

Save time. Talk less, show more. Give your client a better glimpse of how awesome your design is.

Great skills and business approach – higly motivated team focued on client’s goal. Together with Dyfuzja we built first robo-advisory platform in Poland in just 7 months including several innovative processes in financial industry. Marcin and his team commited themselves to work under high time pressure and fullfiled the obligation.

Arkadiusz Zaremba CCO, IQ Money View on linkedIn

I have been working with Dyfuzja Studio for several years till now not only because of the friendly and extremely creative atmosphere but also because of their professionalism, punctuality and flexibility. This skills are essential in an environment where change is constant.

Paulina Sygnatowicz-Wiesner Content Manager, Aviva View on linkedIn

It's an important thing to have a strong and reliable partner to work with creating campaigns as a fintech, where change is constant. Dyfuzja can be easily pointed as such partner. Thumbs up!

Marek Sikorski Marketing Manager, Tax Care View on linkedIn

Dyfuzja has supported our marketing department with lots online successful creations for our marketing campaigns. They are creative, friendly and stick to time frames and budget. Their front-end dev skills are awesome.

Katarzyna Harasim Design Studio Manager, Idea Bank View on linkedIn

Questions you might want to ask before proceeding

1. Do I need to prepare my file in any way?

In most cases you don’t. Sometimes if your design is very complex, it might need some optimisation before working with AR, but we will let you know if this is the case.

2. Which platforms do you support?

Forget about platforms - it's the communicate that is important. We support all of the ones (mobile and desktop) that are widely used by your contractors - iOS, Android, Windows mobile, Windows, OSX.

3. My clients use an old phone. Will it work for them?

Yes it will. Some older phones that use Android 6 or lower will need a sheet of paper with a printed marker to be placed on the table - so that the mobile device 'knows' where to display the 3d model and how to reference it to the real world. Just let us know in advance that this is the case - no difference in pricing.

4. Do you give bulk discounts?

Yes we do. Let us know what is the scope of your project and we will offer you an attractive discount based on the recurrence prognosis.

Why use AR in the first place?

Streamline sales process

Clients who can see the product in their homes rather than store are more likely to make a buying decision. Ikea and Amazon already introduced Augmented Reality in their sales process. Porsche launched an app allowing you to place their new concept on your own driveway. Allow your customers to see, and configure your product at its place of destination!

Optimize working efficiency

In some jobs, you need to spend a lot of time reading manuals. Especially when dealing with complex technical parts in automotive or building industry. Bosch example shows that AR allows you to save a great amount of your employees time by displaying all the needed information right where they are needed–next to items being worked on at the moment. 

Education and learning

Augmented reality is a great way of presenting any kind of knowledge. Imagine tracking the course of historic battles right on your desk. Not to mention apps showing you a scaled model of historical buildings in your living room. The possibilities are endless.


Possibility to display information in their correct spatial context is probably the biggest advantage of augmented reality usage. Just imagine a car manual in AR (awesome example by Hyundai). Your email inbox placed on your desk, rather than a computer screen. Prices and descriptions popping out of the products in your grocery store. There's much more!


VR entertainment is much more than just Pokemon GO. Why not shoot some aliens going out of the wall in your living room? Or maybe just play a turn-based board game with your friend, without having to store it somewhere afterward?

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Say you want to develop your project, but you still have not found a development team that you could trust. There's a lot of software, VR and AR agencies out there. Each has different skills, experience, work culture, and of course–a different location. The fact that they are somewhere on the other side of the Ural, next to the Chinese Sea or somewhere near the Crimea raises your fears. You think: "This guy works in an office in Ho Chi Minh. Will he be able to understand what my goal is and what are the nuances of running my venture?"

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