The most important thing about it:


Act fast and REACT(js) swiftly - a recipe for agile MVP launch

"Great skills and business approach – higly motivated team focued on client’s goal."

Arkadiusz Zaremba, CCO at IQ Money

Some stuff we developed lately

IQ Money - investing is for everyone

Poland's first robo-advisory platform

Fintech startups are pretty good thing to work on and we had the opportunity to work on Poland's first robo-advisory platform. 7 months to create MVP, and couple more to develop further functionalities which are - let’s give it to our client - pretty awesome. 

Tax Care

TaxCare - Your online bookkeeper

Did you know that Polish financial institutions are one of most innovative in the world? Tax Care - an online accounting platform, being a part of Idea Bank's (also our client!) ecosystem is a good example.


Bespoke furniture under your fingertips

How to provide provide end-user with the possibility of getting their bespoke furniture price estimation in an automated, quick and easy way, without engaging any designers?

How it's being done

Creating a software is a complicated process. Our goal is to gather information needed from you and make the dev process as easy for you as possible. So, how can you expect it to be done?

To start with:

Just share your idea. Tell us how you want your app to function and don’t worry about anything else

Our product is:

- Team experienced in getting stuff done
- A realistic timeline of actions
- Managment of your project done by somebody who understands your goal

Your benefits:

- Swift MVP developement
- On time, within budget
- Professional and friendly support team
- Advisory on your next development steps
- Guarantee service


Questions you might want to ask before proceeding

1. Does working abroad really work?

Our experience tells us you can sucessfuly conduct a project having a team working on it remotely - however it's good to have the opportunity to meet from time to time and talk about elements of the project that are most important at the moment. We were explaining pros and cons of remote cooperation on our blog some time ago. That is why we focus on collaborating with startups from our region (Europe mostly) - where short regular meetings are possible. After all we’re going to be a part of your crew, not an offshore service provider.

2. External team? C’mon the won’t know a thing about our stuff!

No, they don't at the moment. But it is our job to fuly understand what is your business goal. Advising on the final form that your MVP would take is one of our key activities during cooperation. If we have no idea and no understanding of your business - we will inform you that there is no possibility of successfull cooperation.

3. I don’t have a full specification for my MVP. How will you quote me?

Specification is something you need to start implementation. However, there's more than implementation when talking working on MVP. We will assist you on refining your vision and help you describe the desired form of your product. After this first stage of our cooperation you will end up with a thorough documentation of what should be done in order to accompish your goals. At this moment you can comfortably proceed with implementation - hopefully as our client :)

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Say you want to develop your project, but you still have not found a development team that you could trust. There's a lot of software, VR and AR agencies out there. Each has different skills, experience, work culture, and of course–a different location. The fact that they are somewhere on the other side of the Ural, next to the Chinese Sea or somewhere near the Crimea raises your fears. You think: "This guy works in an office in Ho Chi Minh. Will he be able to understand what my goal is and what are the nuances of running my venture?"

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