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AR configurator for bespoke furniture

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An augmented reality application created to present 3 pieces of high-quality bespoke furniture. It allows you to place the selected piece in your apartment and see how it goes with your current interior design. Being part of a larger project, it was created along with 3 product one-pagers, one for each furniture piece: YANKEE, ORANJE, and ROCKING CHAIR

Why use Augmented Reality in retail?

Unless you sell highly specialised, niche and innovative products, your competition all over the world wide web is countless. You need to stand out. If you want to sell more, you need to make more people remember your offer and your products. Augmented Reality can help you solve several problems when it comes to selling. It creates an emotional link between the client and the product. It also allows your clients to view the product directly in their living space. They can make sure it will fit, both in terms of size and aesthetics. What's probably most important - it makes your shopping experience fun!

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Say you want to develop your project, but you still have not found a development team that you could trust. There's a lot of software, VR and AR agencies out there. Each has different skills, experience, work culture, and of course–a different location. The fact that they are somewhere on the other side of the Ural, next to the Chinese Sea or somewhere near the Crimea raises your fears. You think: "This guy works in an office in Ho Chi Minh. Will he be able to understand what my goal is and what are the nuances of running my venture?"

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