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Tax Care - online accountants

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Did you know that Polish financial institutions are one of most innovative in the world? Tax Care - an online accounting platform, being a part of Idea Bank's (also our client!) ecosystem is a good example.

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How it's being done usually

The standard way of dealing with a small or medium enterprise's accounting is to have an outsourced or in-house bookkeeper, maybe along with some good lawyer's consultancy. This however has it's downsides. Your bookkeeper might report in sick. Your lawyers could be a bit preoccupied when you want to get something right now.  So how about implementing some scale over here? Imagine you have a network of 20+ cooperating offices, a massive centralised accounting service (100+ bookkeepers) and the ability to post your invoices online straight into your automated web service. And of course - there's someone you can contact regarding your company's documents 24/7. Want more? Here you go - AI scripts analyse your company's situation and suggest you with market's best loan or investment solution basing on your estimated cashflow. We had the pleasure of providing Tax Care with their new website.

The goal of the project

Tax Care was evolving quite rapidly in past few years. After merging their offer with Idea Bank's online banking solutions, they have got probably the most comprehensive accounting (and more) services offer on the Polish market. The new website main purpose was to sell, by gathering customer leads, as well as to communicate all the latest improvement in company's offer.

The effects

The new website became quite sucessfull and got good customer's reviews. Combined with very professional campaign executed by Tax Care marketing department the efects were pleasing: about 100% sales boost within 3 months.

They were great team to work with both on design and implementation phase. Flexible, creative and professional. We're going to to proceed with our cooperation on other projects.
Marek Sikorski Marketing Manager, Taxcare View on linkedIn

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