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Model preparation for Microsoft Hololens

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We had the pleasure to work on an innovative AR project for SKANSKA–world's leading construction group. Their goal was to create a tool to present their new office complexes in an innovative an compelling way. Working closely with our friends at VR Global, we created a massive amount of well-optimised 3d content for their Microsoft Hololens application.

Successful partnership

We partnered with experts from VR Global in order to help them build a compelling Augmented Reality application that would show several SKANSKA’a newest office buildings. We wanted the models to be interactive so that the user can choose between floorplans, complete buildings or area maps. 


 Our job was to prepare a well-optimised 3d content to align with Hololens technical limitations. We were provided with fully detailed BIM models and architectural plans. Our job was to recreate those models so that the polygon count would stay below well 100 000. This meant all the 3d models would have to be recreated from scratch. Some geometry (like fencing or other flat objects) would have to be replaced by texture sprites. As Hololens doesn’t support reflections, the glass facades needed to be baked with reflections on them - not very easy to make it look good. 

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