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Fintech startups are pretty good thing to work on and we had the opportunity to work on Poland's first robo-advisory platform. 7 months to create MVP, and couple more to develop further functionalities which are - let’s give it to our client - pretty awesome. 

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React front-end

In our casse it also required developeing of an awesome - looking front-end React.js-based application that would guide the user through processes designed by client’s in-house back-end core system. Well guess what - we did it.

I took a lot of mockup creation. At some point we noticed we had over 500 mockups in our Sketch file. 6 months SCRUM based development to create MVP, another 6 months to develop further functionalities which were - let’s give it to our client - prestty awesome. Automated selection of market’s best deposit offers as well as spread free online currency exchange.

Connection with core

One of biggest challenges was to integrate our team, working on React.js - based front app and client's in-house IT team working on the core system. In order to keep our work fluent, we organised a couple of 2-3 day meeting where our teams worked together on hardest parts of the projects and had some good time together in the afternoon. 

Great skills and business approach – higly motivated team focued on client’s goal. Together with Dyfuzja we built first robo-advisory platform in Poland in just 7 months including several innovative processes in financial industry. Marcin and his team commited themselves to work under high time pressure and fullfiled the obligation. 
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