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How to save time and money making bespoke furniture

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Some time ago our client from bespoke furniture industry came up with an idea of creating tool that would help him communicate with his customers. It proved that travelling to clients' homes, taking measures, creating initial designs (that are free of charge) is a major cost when working in this industry. Together, we created a robust visual configurator allowing customers to create the first design themselves, getting a fairly adequate cost estimate.

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Project goal

The main goal of creating this application was to provide end-user (furniture buyers in this case) with the possibility of getting their bespoke furniture price estimation in an automated, quick and easy way, without engaging our client's sales staff. This would greatly increase the sales process effectiveness as the client would know the price estimate from the beginning and would provide the manufacturer with the idea how the desired piece of furniture would look like. 

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2D over 3D

We're a Mixed Reality company and the most obvious way to go was to create some 3-dimensional models with customisation capabilities. However, we dropped this idea very quickly as it would needlessly overcompicate the whole project. The idea was to configure a wardrobe basically and we figured that 2d approach would give us some extra flexibility. In the end, most of the furnitre artwork was being rendered using HTML elements. The app is working pretty fast as is very easy to use. 

Future plans

Bespoki is currenlty a MVP product. Future development will most likely include implementing new furniture design ranges as well as taking other manufacturers on board.

Working with Dyfuzja is quite productive. Together we refined a rough idea into a great-looking design, interactions and overall user experience.

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